We have delivered investment operations and technology projects to a variety of asset management firms


Built the private investment operations for a mega sized public pension plan to handle $100 billion in private assets. Growth has surpassed expectations and runs smoothly on the same platform.

Public Pension Plan



Designed the back and middle office functions for several private equity emerging managers to get them to their first closing when they would have management fees to support hiring a CFO and staff.

Private Equity Funds


Engaged with key stakeholders; observed current business processes; and developed key performance indicators. Created > 5 person increase in available capacity; achieved $2.4 million in cost savings; and positioned the team to effectively self-monitor performance.

Mature Asset Manager



Improved system integration and reconciliation, automated workflow and eliminated manual processes. Improvements facilitated 10x growth in trading activity, with 99% reduction in errors and 12% reduction in workforce through natural attrition.

Lead expansion initiative into emerging markets that include, but not limited to, Russia, China, Indonesia and India.

Lead product launches that include, but are not limited to, Private Equity, Infrastructure, Natural Resources, Equity Shorts and Repos.

Mature Asset Managers