Finding Balance in Your Life

In April 2016 we posed an important question in an article, “DOES YOUR INVESTMENT OPERATION NEED A PERSONAL TRAINER?”. It was viewed over 20,000 times; thank you!

Following that article, Wall Consulting launched into two years of running at or above full capacity on client projects. Our exceptional team of 11 consultants, flew 500,000 airmiles, spent 1,000 nights away from our families, and successfully delivered on 30 statements of work.

Then just two years later, I looked at a candid photo taken on vacation where I was still working from 6 am until noon every day. It was humbling to see an out of shape middle-aged man whose career had taken over every aspect of his life; including that much-needed vacation.

It was time to find balance!

The same way we were offering professional help to our clients, I also found professional help in the form of a personal trainer. Additionally, I cut my personal client workload down to a manageable level. Reintroducing balance between my career and lifestyle has been the single best thing I have done since founding this company.

12 week before and after photo, summer 2018

12 week before and after photo, summer 2018

More updates are coming on some exciting personal adventures for the rest of 2018 and a new business venture lined up early 2019. For more information on Wall Consulting Group check out our website on and follow us on Twitter @wall_cgi.